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For over 20 years, Dolphin Discovery has contributed to the study and conservation of marine mammals, creating a bond of love of respect through the best interaction experience in unique habitats around the world.

With 22 Dolphin Habitats, 5 Parks, 1 Aquarium, 1 Marina, 10 Countries and 1 Continents in Dolphin Discovery we seek to share our love, fascination and respect for the incredible marine mammals such as dolphins, manatees and sea lions. Our greatest desire is to live an unforgettable experience as we share the happiness to make your dream of swimming with dolphins into the experience of a lifetime.

Live the experience of a lifetime at Gulf World! Open daily rain or shine, Gulf World is home to a variety of exotic animals we love and love to educate others about…like dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, sharks, penguins, tropical birds and other popular species. Swim with dolphins or choose from more than ten interactive programs! Explore numerous educational exhibits, sample snack bar treats as you stroll through tropical gardens, catch dynamic daily animals shows that change with the seasons and more. Experience the park YOUR way because any way it promises to be the experience of a lifetime! Start your experience now by booking online or calling 850-234-5271