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For Our Panhandle Getaway Guests


Walton County: Reservations cannot be accepted for dates before July 3rd from the following states, which are deemed COVID-19 hotspots: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Louisiana. View Email from Visit South Walton.

Bay County: Vacation rentals reservations will be allowed from all U.S. states with a COVID-19 Case Rate less than 500 cases/100K residents as of May 14, 2020. Vacation rental reservations, from areas identified by Governor DeSantis as high risk, through Executive Orders, must be for periods longer than the quarantine period established in that Order. Guests occupying those vacation rentals must adhere to the quarantine restrictions or be subject to established criminal and civil penalties. City of PCB News  |  Your state's COVID-19 Case Rate

In the wake of Covid-19, we want to ensure all guests that have reached out via calls and texts with questions related to upcoming reservations we are doing the very best we can to answer all of your questions and address any cancellation requests. As you can imagine, we are experiencing high call & message volumes and are working in chronological order to ensure all guests are taken care of as quickly as possible.

Currently, texting us at 850-588-8125 is the best method of getting in touch with us for the fastest response. You are very important to us and we want to make sure that we give all of you our undivided attention when working on your reservation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Any cancellation on or before the 30 days prior to the agreed upon check in date shall result in the forfeiture of the $325 initial deposit. Cancellations within 30 days of the check in date shall result in the forfeiture of all money paid unless trip cancellation insurance has been purchased and it is for a covered reason.

Vacation Rental Protection: All questions should be directed to CSA at (800) 348-9505.

Note: No refunds for early departures.

Cancellation Policies Based on How You Booked


Airbnb's Cancellation Policy

Regarding Covid-19

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Expedia's Cancellation Policy

Regarding Covid-19

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VRBO's Cancellation Policy

Regarding Covid-19

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Local Updates

• Beaches are open
• Vacation rental ban has been lifted with some state restrictions
• Movie theaters cannot reopen at this time
• Bars cannot open at this time
• Restaurants can move from 25% to 50% capacity and outdoor seating
• Retail can move from 25% to 50% capacity
• Gyms/Fitness Clubs can open
• Museums and Libraries can move from 25% to 50% capacity
• Sports venues can open
• Most State Parks are open
• Individuals should avoid close contact with people outside the home
• Avoid socializing in groups of more than 10 people in circumstances that do not readily allow for physical distancing
• Face masks are recommended for all of those in face-to-face interactions and where you can’t social distance

Local Government Links

PCB:      |      30A:      |      Destin:

Resort Updates

Grand Panama Resort: Closed Tower 1 and Tower 2 Hot Tubs - Closed Fitness Center
Prominence on 30A: Open with Restrictions
  • No more than 40 Persons inside pool fence at one time
  • 2 Hour limit so others may also enjoy pool
  • No food or glass, drinks only.
  • Grill closed
  • Fitness room closed
Ariel Dunes I and II: Pools Closed
Majestic Beach Resort: Pools Open 8 AM-10 PM. Hot Tubs Closed
Majestic Sun: Pool Closed
Beachside 1: Pool, Grills, Hot Tubs, Fitness Center, Owners Room and Restrooms Closed
Carillon Beach: Amenities including Community Pools, Village Green, BellView Green, playgrounds and courts, are Closed
Ocean Ritz: Hot Tub and Fitness Room Closed Until 4/1/2020
Tropic Winds: Common Area, Fitness Rooms, Hot Tub, Sauna & HOA Office Closed
Tidewater: Tidewater East Pool – Open 10 AM - 10 PM  |  Gym open 9 AM - 5PM  (All other areas remain closed)
    • ALL Guests must register with Tidewater at
    • A mask or cover must be worn any time you are outside the unit going to and from the elevators while riding elevators or walking inside the building. This rule does not apply when one is outside the building, in the gym, or indoor pool.  You are not required to wear a mask or facial cover when in the open air outside the building, such as around the pools or boardwalk.
    • Users should be proactive and clean chairs and tables before and after using them.
    • Users must practice the 6-foot social distancing rule.
    • Users may not use the Spa, as it does not meet the social distancing requirements.
    • Violations of these rules may result in the violator being banned from using the pool until further notice or the pool may be closed.

Edgewater Beach Resort: Towers 2 & 3 & Villa pools Closed
Cassine Village: Pools Closed
Laketown Wharf: Pool Open - Pool Hours 10 AM - 6 PM
Shores of Panama: Indoor Pool Closed
Moondrifter: Pool Closed
Portside Resort: Pools, Hot Tubs Closed
Splash Resort: Arcade, Fitness Center, Hot Tubs Closed

Note: If a unit is not on this list, we have not received any official update from the HOA