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26 Feb 2020
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Every year millions of consumers take to the internet conducting a search for the perfect vacation rental. Every search for a vacation rental begins with a general search and wouldn't it be great to know you are getting the best price for your selection of vacation rental via one website? Finding a vacation rental that suits the experience you envision having during your vacation can be one of the most frustrating crap shoots a consumer can take. What if we told you there is a way to make your search for the perfect vacation rental EASY? When we say easy; we mean across the board easier to find and book a vacation home rental, easier to assess whether you are getting the best price for the vacation home rental of your choice with confidence. YES folks, we are here to tell you there is a better way................BOOK DIRECTLY WITH THE COMPANY MANAGING THE VACATION HOME OR WITH THE OWNER OF THE HOME! It is really that SIMPLE!

Say goodbye to endless searches on travel sites such as Expedia, VRBO, HomeAway, and Airbnb to search in an attempt to locate the choices for your destination of choice. Leave behind the frustration in trying to figure out the additional service charge added by any of the OTA channels (Expedia, Homeaway. & similar). Stop feeling like you need to go to every site you know of to make sure all information is the same and to compare pricing. Sure there are additional travel sites to review such as Kayak & but the truth is you are viewing a rate comparison overview for the home of your choice based on the rates shown on the online travel agency websites (OTA's such as Airbnb, VRBO & The rate comparison travel web sites boast to consumers the convenience of comparing price among all of the well known travel websites rather than going to all the different travel sites which supposedly make it "easier" to make sure you are getting the "best rate" for your vacation rental. Make the search for a vacation rental the pleasurable and exciting experience it should be.....after all you are excited to plan your getaway. Why should you start the process with an incredibly frustrating process of searching every site you can think of and then some.

There is no better way to get the best price for a vacation rental than booking direct. No better way to make sure a vacation home has all of the things you are looking for in a rental for your vacation. No other travel site is familiar enough to provide accurate & correct information for with the vacation rental home you are considering for your vacation than the owners or property management companies that represent the vacation homes themselves!

Why is it a better experience and less expensive to book direct?

Companies such as ours, Panhandle Getaways, that manage a vacation rental homes & the owners themselves always offer the base rate & best price. On our website there are no commissions to consider because we are not utilizing a third party travel channel to secure a booking so, the rates are not marked up to cover that commission fee. Below are the Top 3 reasons why booking direct is best.

  1. We do not have to "mark up" cleaning and reservation fees that OTA channels take commissions on for any booking. Example: Airbnb gets a commission on the rental rate & the cleaning fees!
  2. Our rates are at least 10% less but 90% of the rental rates on our website are 15% LESS than what is shown on an OTA channel such as and expedia.


Booking your next vacation rental direct allows you to save hundreds of dollars! The reason is simple, booking direct allows you to avoid all of the additional booking fees one will find on any traditional travel channel such as Expedia, VRBO, HomeAway and thousands of others! An average savings is 200.00 per booking! Isn't that money you would like to keep? #bookdirect

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